Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last night, I was watching the U.S.A vs. Angola match. Clearly, the Angolan Team were outmatched by the more athletic U.S.A Men’s Basketball team. However, the Angolans were much better than the Chinese Team, which the U.S. faced in their 1st game.

I watch the games of the U.S. Team because they were the one that I have grown accustomed to watching in the NBA and they are electrifying to watch due to their basketball prowess. They players are highly trained and the best paid athletes in the world of basketball.

While watching the games, I felt that those two matches were like practice or exhibition matches for the U.S. Team. They dominated every position and just run away with the game. Although it is fun to watch their aerial acrobats, I want to watch a real basketball game where the U.S. will be matched against tougher opponents who will match them as a team. In terms of individual talents, no one in the other teams can match the abilities of the marquee players of the U.S.A Men’s Basketball team. However, with teamwork, no one can say that the U.S. is better at it than other teams; it will just show in the games that they will play. I am waiting for their matches against teams like Argentina, Lithuania and other European countries. Those teams are more likely to battle it out physically that the previous teams that they have encountered. Although, I will still be rooting for the U.S. Team, I am still looking forward for those games, for they will provide a great test for them in their quest for another gold medal after a disappointing 2004 Olympic showing.

Maybe someday, the Philippine Team will face the U.S. Team. The outcome of the match wouldn’t matter. It would just be great to watch and if that time comes, I will be cheering for our country.