Saturday, July 11, 2009

Life for me has been a thing of ups and downs in approximately equal measure. i don't have something sensational to report every day about my progress. Often I wonder if fulfillment in life is necessarily tied to a change for the better.

My rabbi once asked me how things were going, and I answered, "Things are not going all right, but it wouldn't hurt if they went a little better." Raising his formidable eyebrows, he said, "And how do you know it wouldn't hurt?".

David Mazel


Dorothy L said...

Very wise rabbi....we so often tend to think we are at the worse end of the stick. When in actuality we could be at the better one. It is all about simply accepting what is and appreciating what is not:)

aLgene said...

the rabbi and i have the same question. how do you know it wouldn't hurt? no one really knows the right answer to this puzzling question. :(