Thursday, November 5, 2009

Balloons, anyone?

Times has changed for balloons. When I a child, I remembered that balloons are only in round shapes or the long ones used for creating balloon animals. Nowadays, they are already shaped as cartoon characters.

Why is this so? Is is because of growing competition between balloon manufacturers? Has a child's taste changed? Do children prefer elaborately-designed balloons compared to the round one?

For me, I still prefer a bright red round balloon. Come to think of it, I missed holding the string of a balloon for myself. :)

I guess simple things have more meaning than complex ones. You're mind can create more illusions when seeing a bright red round balloon as supposed to a Sponge Bob-shaped balloon.


get info here said...

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Mei Teng said...

Balloons have gone creative these days. You can have a heart, a poodle and whatever else you can think of :)

jenie said...

truth is, i miss the old ones. and the prices..whoa! it used to be what less than P10?! now it's P50 and up!

your visit today will be greatly appreciated friend...moreso with a message ;)

Life Moto said...

what ever the color or shape, as a child we just focus what is floating in the air.