Tuesday, February 16, 2010

These are scenes from the first ever Dog Parade held in my town. The event was held to promote responsibility pet ownership and rabies awareness.

Admittedly, I'm not a dog lover. This may have stemmed out from my years of being chased my neighbor's dogs. I recall a lot of fence-climbing, dodging and sprinting to avoid a dog's bite. But lately disdain for this creature has mellowed. I can now go near a very small dog like the Shih-Tzu. Medium-sized to extremely large dogs are still a no-no for me. Sad to say, I can't control my natural instincts to run or hide from them.

The reason for my softened stance on dogs in because of "Bimbo", he's a Shih-Tzu that I came across when I stayed in Manila almost two years ago. He was Trin's pet. This wonderful creature was the first dog that was friendly to me. I can recall him licking my feet to my horror, afraid that he might bite me. Thankfully he didn't. In my two days at Trin's house, Bimbo was a constant fixture around the house. Seeking anyone's attention just to get a belly rub. I too joined in massaging his belly or his stomach. He loved those belly rubs. Oranges were also his favorite dessert. Also, he was the first dog that I encountered that has a birth certificate. I miss Bimbo.


C said...

ahahahahahahaha! You are too funny! You are afraid of dogs!!??? Well, that's because dogs in the Philippines are (the majority) not domesticated and tame. They're just around for protection, not for loving. And that's why they're mean. But, now, I think that there's an influx of "imported" dog breeds that are bred for companionship, an their nature is to be very loving and affectionate. Like my French poodle. French poodles (toy and miniature ones) were bred solely for companionship, by the French. And that's why they are now lap dogs who sleep on your pillow with you in bed at night. :)

Where is your town? I didn't know about this parade!!!!! Look at the pink pooch!!!!! I love it!!!!!! :D

fortuitous faery said...

the pink hair dye on the poor dog seems like animal cruelty.

*MrsMartinez* said...

I love dogs! In fact we have two in our home. xoxo

*MrsMartinez* said...

I love dogs! In fact I have two in our home xoxo

LinGZ said...

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