Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What do I get from my faith in God? I get what I would call a sense of replenishment. What is the difference between myself and the atheist? The difference is not that I do good things and he does bad things. All of you know atheists who are the most honest, reliable, generous, helpful people you have ever met. That is not the difference. The difference, I think, is this. When he and I have both spent ourselves working for things we believe in; when we have knocked ourselves out laboring for world peace, for understanding between religions and races; when we have spent ourselves holding the hands of the bleeding, the hurting and the dying until we have no more strength and love to give to others; what do we do then? Where do we get more?

The atheist, if he only looks into himself, has run dry. He has run out of love, courage and strength. But you see, I have a God beyond myself, a God to whom I can turn. He renews my strength when I turn to Him, so that I can walk and not grow weary.

Harold Kushner

Have a meaningful Lenten Season.