Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I have just recently purchased the hardbound version of the DC graphic novel Justice. 

A great find for me because I've read this before and liked the art and story of this graphic novel. Graphics novels are just perfect for me because I love to read but dislikes reading non-fiction books with no pictures in them. I think i'm not as imaginative as most readers. I just can't figure out the appearance of the characters in a book just by reading them. I've read many novels before and understood them but still I can't figure out how they look like.

I grew up reading comic books from our locally-produced comics using characters parodied from my favorite video games and also comics and text cards from Marvel and DC. My father encouraged me to read english-language comics and text cards to improve my comprehension in school. And I liked reading it ever since. There was a time when i memorized the history of the X-Men as compared to my history books in school.

Reading graphic novels is a delight for me because it features my favorite comic superheroes re-imagined by great writers. It brings new life to these characters that I've been fascinated with outside of their current story arcs.

Next purchase: DC Kingdom Come