Thursday, December 29, 2011

Found this book by chance at National Bookstore while looking for manga. It was piled among the disregarded books at the back shelf and at a discount price. I immediately grabbed and paid for it. One of the best book purchases I've made.

I've been a fan of this comic strip by Bill Watterson ever since I first read it in some newspaper a long time ago and since have read every comic strip it circulated through the internet. It grabbed my attention because it can be understood in different ways. You could take it as it was written, an adventure of a irritating and joyful kid who has a love/hate relationship with is toy tiger. Or it can be understood philosophically, reading between the lines and reading that their is some logic to the rants to that little noisy kid. Later, I found out that the title of the book refers to two philosophers. And that we also share the same birthday. A great book indeed.

And now, if I could only I could find where to purchase "The Complete Calvin and Hobbes". Sadly, it's not available in my country.