Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I've watched these movies this week and I really enjoyed it. Both are British comedy with witty humor and great dialogue. These are the movies that I love to watch and watch them repeatedly. However, this movie is not for everybody. Some of my acquaintances don't like to watch these type of movies because they can't find something to laugh about although these movies are advertised as comedies.

For me, British comedies requires some knowledge and understanding of their culture for one to get the joke. It's different from slapstick were one can easily spot the jokes and the punchlines are easily recognizable. I've heard before in a television interview that the difference between British and American comedy is that you laugh immediately with American comedy while you'll laugh the next day with the British.

For movie lovers, I recommend this type of movie. Forget about the stars of the films, and watch movies for what they are presenting. It's enjoyable that way. The story and acting carries the movie and not the smile or beauty of the performers.