Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Found this book by chance at National Bookstore in the discounted/sale section a few years ago. I was just looking at the titles of the books trying to find an interesting read at an affordable price. When I glanced upon it, I recognized the title and the logo because its a well-promoted vodka among foreign magazines. The advertisement that I remembered was of Naomi Campbell modeling inside an ice sculpture of the well-recognized Absolut vodka bottle.  I scanned it and was intrigued by the photos so immediately  bought it. Only later did i realize that it is a book on advertising.

What is great about this book is that it takes on the advertisement of just one product, Absolut Vodka. Tackling only one product shows the evolution and the variety of creativity of such advertising in the more than 25 years of its existence. You can view different types of print advertisement ranging form the simple to the complex. This is a great book on studying design, photography, layout and, of course, advertising. The impact of this book to me is that it gave me ideas on how to approach design and photography from different angles. I learned that, for a advertisement to mean something, it must get the message across even if it is not clearly stated. You get curious with Absolut advertisements. I think that is the key, curiosity. To find out more about the subject.

I hope I could get the first Absolut Book. And If only I could get my hands on the book, Absolut Legacy, which unfortunately is not for sale and only given to media practitioners.

This is My Attempt in Doing an Absolut Advertisement: