Sunday, January 8, 2012

I had a hard time completing this collection because it was not sold as a complete set. It was displayed in discount/sale section and as expected in disarray. But was glad to complete it after looking at several branches of the store in less than a year of looking.

I first encountered Lupin III as a television show and was captivated by his antics together with Goemon, Jigen, Fujiko and the ever so persistent Zenigata. The movie Castle of Cagliostro further increased my admiration for these characters.

Upon learning that this TV series was based on a manga by Monkey Punch, I wished of getting a copy of one of them. When I first read the manga, I was shocked because this was not the Lupin III I was used to. Let's just say that the manga is the Rated R version of the anime. It was still funny and entertaining but I can't recommend it to everyone. It's not for the faint of heart because it contains scene lewd scenes that are objectionable.

For adult fans, a must-read with great and absurd stories to choose from.

Maybe next time, I could complete the 2nd series of this manga. I only have Vol. 1 of of it.