Sunday, February 5, 2012

Note: A repost from an article I wrote in August 21, 2008 in a blog that I've discontinued.

With nothing to do last night, I wasted my time away watching an anime series on video until early the next morning until I could sleep. I’m still on the 19th episode of a 50 episode series. Being used to watching anime, I have encountered many ridiculous reasons, moral lessons or advises that the character or their mentors give. Oftentimes, they are silly and corny. However, the advice issued in that series became significant to me. It states that “Live today for tomorrow's smiles and have the courage to face your past”.

I prided myself with planning almost all of my actions, anticipating the possible repercussion or the lack thereof of my actions. They either succeed or fail. Nevertheless, I will still plan even if I feel that the results will be dire. Maybe my fault is too much planning and thinking of which resulted in my lack of action because if I can already see in my mind that it is not the right way. I will refrain from doing such act even if it outcome hasn’t been proven yet. The only one who can stop me, is me. And I’ve stopped myself a lot of times.

The quote became significant because I know planned too much, and I sometimes forget to live my life. With so many thoughts swirling in my mind, I have got to stop anticipating the results beforehand and start living my life. I have to face the challenge of the future today armed with my knowledge from the past and not let my past be a hindrance of my future. My past made me who I am today but it is I who will define my future.