Friday, March 16, 2012

Yesterday and today, I happened to catch a glimpse of two high ranking national officials of my country. Both are into housing. They traveled from Manila to attend to their official functions here in Mindanao.

After seeing the two attend the formal functions of their respective office in far away places, I wondered how tiring it must be to attend inaugurations in multiple venues in one day. Surely, they might like to travel a lot but for me who's not good while travelling, it's tiresome. I get tired easily when travelling by any four-wheeled vehicle. It's because I suffer from symptoms that is akin to vertigo. My head spins as the car turns. I prefer to travel with the wind in my face rather than the air-conditioner of the car because it makes me queasy.

I would love to travel and see the places I pass by. But with this vertigo i'm having, I'll just sleep until I reach my intended destination.