Thursday, April 19, 2012

This is one of the games i played as a child. We called it "kariling". Basically, you push an old motorcycle wheel with your hands or a wooden spatula-type handle with a halved plastic container of motor oils. We pushed it around our village. Raced from paved roads to rough roads, imitating the movements of motorcycles. I think we played this because we don't have bicycles because around that time, it was quite expensive. I enjoyed playing with it. Only later in life did I realize of how ingenious we were. We made our toys from scraps, junk and other stuff that were laying around. It didn't cost our parents anything and we had fun doing it. What's important that we were laughing our hearts out doing something simple.

Next time, I would reminisce about my childhood activities of making boats, specifically a "banca" using old slippers & barbecue sticks, and battleships & tanks made out of mud.