Friday, June 1, 2012

I like watching movies. I like exploring intrigues and mysteries surrounding the plot of a movie. Usually, these are solved at the end of the movie. So, i fuel my sense of investigative needs by watching TV series. These usually take years to figure out and a new mystery or villain is created every season. I prefer these weekly TV series over the daily ones because it talks about a whole storyline while interjecting hints of the arc in each episode.

These are the TV series that I have completed so far: (I may have forgotten to include a few on this list)
  • X-Files - the best mystery series I have ever seen. Mulder and Scully all the way.
  • NCIS - the best team out there.
  • Castle - the interaction between Castle and Beckett is fun to watch while solving a murder
  • Seinfeld - a show about nothing and it's funny. 
  • Hawaii Five-O (2010) - fun, action-packed, set in Hawaii. 
  • Life - I just like this. sad it ended in just the second season.
  • Monk - the quirkiest detective out there. just like Sherlock Holmes, analysis involved, no gadgets needed. 
  • The Big Bang Theory - the geniuses are funny, who knew?
  • New Girl - Jess and the Gang are fun.
  • Glee - I don't follow the storyline. I just skip to the musical numbers. I'm a musical fan.
  • Frasier - the best comedy for me. who knows that sophisticated language could be funny. the Crane boys are great. 
  • The Finder - sadly it ended with just 13 episodes.
  • Zen - a great series. it looks like a movie every week. sadly, they just did three episodes
  • Bones - Brennan and Booth are the modern Mulder and Scully.
What series do you watch?