Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A book written by my favorite author, Harold S. Kushner. He is a Rabbi. Got this book in 2007 while I was in Manila. First published in 1981 and it is still as relevant today. A timeless book.

This is the 2nd book I have of this author. The other one is Overcoming Life's Disappointments.

The book is not only for those who have been victims of some sort of violence or discrimination, its about understanding why some things don't go your way. The reasons why we might think that "bad things" always happen to us. It begs the question of forgiveness. Can you forgive a world that has been unfair to you? Can you forgive people for hurting you?

After reading the book, I found out things about myself. Not all positive things. Some of which I struggle with everyday to overcome. It is never easy to do the right things when there is an easy way out. The eternal struggle of resisting temptations when everybody has already succumbed to it. A constant battle between the heart and the head.

Acceptance and forgiveness is never easy.