Friday, September 7, 2012

The 2nd movie starring Emily Blunt that I've seen this week and she's still great in it.

It is a story of Amy Adams character creating a business with her reluctant sister played by Emily Blunt. A good movie that I can associate with my MSMEs (Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises) class in graduate school.

The movie is a good example of some of the realities you'll be facing in creating your own business. Here are some things i learned in all my business classes:

First, finding a niche in a market where you can come in. She found the idea of creating a crime scene cleaning business from her married cop boyfriend. She can jump right into it because it was within her capabilities, since she's working as a cleaning lady. It's not too far a stretch for her to create the business.

Second, learning on the go. Not all entrepreneurs create business plans before creating a  business. She created it because of the need for additional income. She went into it knowing little but it was within her and her sister's capabilities. They learned things about the business from the suppliers, clients, investigators and even competitors. Mistakes are also a source of knowledge of not what do do.

Third, there's fine line between success and failure. One should never leave the business in it's infancy. Like  child in their early years, a business should be taken cared of and not let it handled by people other than you. She knew that her sister is not well-versed in their endeavor even though she's a good assistant. A business needs a leader and it should know how to make timely decisions. Her sister ended their business because she destroyed a client's home. A moral sin in business, especially when you're still looking for more clients.

Lastly, it's not about making it big. Granting that some small businesses became corporations because of their products and services. It's not true to most entrepreneurs. It is about sustaining your business to provide your daily needs. It's about the consistency in the operation of your business. It's about having the clients to sustain your business.

The movie tagline is "life is a messy business", and it is also true that "business is a messy business". Especially when your life depends on your business.