Saturday, December 8, 2012

Earlier this week, Typhoon Pablo hit our town and damaged the power lines. For two days, at least, we have no electricity which means no power and no water. In those two days, I experienced things that were normal to me before but, now, are alien to be because of the changes in the world I live in. It also validated some things that I suspect about the quirks that I have.

  1. Fetching Water. I went back to fetching water from our neighbor's old hand-operated water pump just so I could take a bath. This was a normal scene in my childhood. Sometimes, I would just bathe near the pump to spare myself the trouble of carrying the heavy pail. My brother and I would pump water to to whoever is bathing. We treated is a our mini shower. Now, I just open the faucet and water flows. No effort is asserted. I don't mean that I like to always fetch my water outside our home just to take a bath. Once a while, its good to know that I didn't forget where I came from and what I used to do as a child.
  2. Reading Books in Low Light. I love reading. I read whatever is in front of me whether it's interesting or not. Sadly, I have little time to read a book especially when there is electricity. The internet of television distracts me. However, when the power is out, my initial pastime is to read books in the silence of the night. My parent's noticed this when I was still young and warned me that I could debilitate my eyesight because of the poor lighting conditions. I guess I am a hardheaded child because until now I still do it whether it be a candle, flashlight or a gas lamp as a light source. It's just me and the book surrounded by darkness. (In these two nights, I started reading Volume 1 of the Complete Calvin and Hobbes Collection)
to be continued... i'm distracted again.