Saturday, January 5, 2013

This morning, I finally got the chance to learn surfing in Dahican. I spent the last three days of 2012 wanting to learn but the high waves and strong winds is not that safe for a beginner like me. Today was good because there weren't a lot of people at the beach to watch me fall off the board.

I got on boarded and paddled to the surf area with my instructor. Even at that point, I had a hard time paddling because I just can't seem to balance by body. Sliding to the slide of the board was a common occurrence and I can't seem to control the direction of the board. The chance of trying to stand-up didn't even materialize because I can't even look forward while lying on the board because my neck hurts so much.

My inability learn to surf was caused by a couple of factors including weight issues, lack of stamina, muscle stiffness, fatigue and fear of deep waters. Just overall lack of body conditioning.

Today is the day i tried surfing and failed miserably... but I'll be back and I will stand on that board and surf the waves.