Saturday, February 23, 2013

This is my first time to Baganga. I've only heard about this place from my friends and in photographs. The town as pushed into the spotlight when it became one of the towns that were hit by Typhoon Pablo last December 3, 2012.

It's been more than 11 weeks since the typhoon and the devastation that it caused is still visible. A lot of houses are still uninhabited. A couple of families are still holed up in tents. Debris are still scattered everywhere. The poblacion is somewhat quiet for a center of town.

In a conversation with one of the residents, she said that people are fearful of impending rains. They are traumatized by the experience and now follow warnings signs issued by government more intently. However, she is fearful of the future, especially when the aid they are now receiving will be ending in a few months. She's not really optimistic about the future of her town but she still continues to strive to provide food for her family.

It's a nice to see that some people are already rebuilding their homes slowly and businesses are open to serve people, although the choices are few.

I believe that the people of Baganga will rise again. Rely on your own capacity and don't lose hope. It make take long to rebuild but they must persevere for their children.

Baganga coastline littered with fallen coconut trees and debris

The Flag still flies at the Municipal Hall

Tents provide temporary shelter while they rebuild their homes

Repairs are made to the destroyed roof even at the onslaught of rain
A Hole in Wall of a government building