Friday, February 8, 2013

I have heard this term, Lomography, ever since I got interested in photography. My interest was increased when I learned that this one uses film. Using old manual film cameras is one of my ambitions. I use a DSLR because it is practical for my situation since nowadays using film is an expensive hobby.

Since I started photography, I came up with my own guide on how I should approach it. I bear in in mind that "I Should First Learn the Rules before I Break Them". I get tired of hearing first time photographer say that they are just breaking the rules of photography as an excuse of having a badly composed shot. I'm no professional and still is an amateur and still learning the rules.

As a learning photographer, I always think before I shoot even if the result is disastrous. Sometimes, the shot that I want is good while I imagined it but result is the opposite.

After reading a few articles about Lomography, I learned that it is a direct contrast to what I am doing. It espoused the idea of "Don't Think, Just Shoot". Based on the samples that I've seen, the results are varied. Some are beautifully done while others are bad.

This type of photography is unpredictable and error prone since most of the control is not in your hands and the equipment is cheap. However, the idea that result is unpredictable and that I could fail miserably in doing is what got my attention and interest. It's a respite to my usual way of taking photographs. Soon I will try Lomography and hope that I will fail beautifully.