Sunday, July 28, 2013

This is a documentary of the lives of two Hungarian cinematographers, Lazlo Kovacs and Vilmos Zsigmond, who came from humble, yet revolutionary beginnings, to being two of the best in Hollywood. They each made classic films like Easy Rider, Deer Hunter, Deliverance, Close Encounter of the Third Kind, and even Ghostbusters.

When watching movies, I often notice only three things about the cast and crew: 1) the stars (protagonist and antagonist), 2) director, and lastly buy sometimes overlooked 3) the person who wrote the screenplay/story. I often overlook the cinematographer because i thought that it is the director who does the movie and the cinematographer just follows the director's order. But after watching this documentary, I found a new appreciation for cinematographers, in general. They are the ones responsible for how we see and feel about the movie. The atmosphere is set by the color/filter they use to show the mood of the film or the camera angles that make us sit in the edge of our seats when a villain lurks around the corner.

I highly recommend this movie for those who appreciate films and also to those who wants to make a movie of their own. As an aspiring photographer, I also find inspiration from their films and it's time for me to revisit some of their films to maybe see something that I haven't noticed the first time I saw them.