Thursday, July 11, 2013

Another day of eating some of my favorite desserts and until now and maybe tomorrow, I will will still pay for consuming those delights. Ice Creams and Sans Rival were the culprits of the day. I know I am not allowed to eat them but still I continue to fight the odds that maybe someday I will conquer this deficiency.

The struggle goes on because some of my favorites has lactose in them because of the milk. It takes disciple to only what you want at the comfort of your home or maybe the office. I'm cautious of what I eat when I travel and envy people who can eat whatever they want. I could only look, with desire, some of the food and desserts served in restaurants or at the mall. take out is an option but oftentimes it is best to eat at the place where it was made.

And my journey to the comfort room continues...