Friday, February 21, 2014

"Writing, and the pursuit of a woman, like any impossible dream, 
are not about immediate results. They're about telling the truth."

This is one of the romantic comedy movies i enjoyed watching in a while. First of all, it's quite unrealistic. I'm not even familiar with most of leads but the location is amazing. I think it's somewhere in Canada.

What if your wife writes about everything wrong about you in a blog, then it got published in a book, for all the world to read? What would you do? Apparently the protagonist did nothing. But, because of that the movie becomes interesting. Follow the his attempts and failures to woo a woman who is already is a "perfect" relationship.

Basically, it is about finding love again after finding out that the previous love of your life is not the right one for you. It's about second chances, life's passions and overcoming weaknesses.