Thursday, November 15, 2012

The US Fall TV series has just began and here's the new series that I've been following:

  • Last Resort - a new submarine-related action/drama of a crew who defied the government orders and are now being hunted
  • Arrow - a new action series based on the life of Oliver Queen, aka The Green Arrow of DC Comics.
  • The Mentalist - a former "fake" psychic now working with the CBI to find the killer of his family known as "Red John". It's already on its 5th season and I've been only started following it last year.
  • Once Upon A Time - characters from fairy tales coming to life in a small town in Maine. 
  • How I Met Your Mother - already in its 8th season. I've seen this series before but only that I started following it weekly.
  • NCIS: Los Angeles - while enjoying the NCIS series, I started looking at its alternate and enjoyed it. I just started following from its 4th season. I plan to watch this from the beginning.
  • Elementary - A modern-day take on the exploits of Sherlock Holmes, now based in New York. I think the series is the serious version of a past TV series "Monk". Both feature quirky detectives working with the police with a female assistant.