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Happy New Year

Take Pride in Being Different

Pristine Waters

Start Living and Stop Viewing

Double Vision

The Nightmare Before Christmas, well, After Christmas

Red Star

Merry Christmas

Into the Horizon

View from the Top

Tao of Pooh



Playing in the Sand

It Croaked

Lemonade Award

Enjoying the View

Under the Coconut Tree

A Distant Reminder

Waiting for A Ride

In a Nutshell : Waiting for Things

Follow the Bee

Flower Series - Violet/Purple

Along Came a Lizard

Flower Series : Red Hot

To Change, To be Happy

Throwing Out the Labels

Cross in My Lap

As They Descend, The People Await

In A Rush

What am I?

Paving the Way


The Direction We Are Moving


What is the Ant Doing?

It'd Be Worth It

Flower Series - Looks like Chili to Me

Flower Series - Exposed

Flower Series - Waiting to Exhale

A Child's Laugh

Flower Series - A Star Inside

Flower Series - Freshly Drizzled

Flower Series - Sucking Some Nectar

Flower Series - Pushing Daisy

Bamboo Scare

View from the Top

Let the World Go By

Bird 1

Wherever You Go, There You Are

World's Youngest Texter

Smoking in the Cemetery

Liwasang Rajah Sulayman & Malate Church

Wedding Inside

Waiting to Cross the Street

Communicating with Others

Old Church Bell

Rajah Sulayman

Dating by the Fountain

Manila Bay

Staring at the Sea

Serious Texter