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Pawikan sa Dahican



Sea & Sky : Great Combination

A Quiet Afternoon at the Beach

Behind Your Back

On Sailing We Will Go

Playful Children

Thrown Out

Turtle & Master

Open Hands

Philippine Flying Lemur

Green Sea Turtle

Chasing Dolphins

A Child's Curiosity

Collision Course


Up In The Air

Floating Cottage

Under the Rainbow


Here, Catch!

Another Flower

Hinatuan's Enchanted River

Stick Huts by the Sea

Fearless Child

Hooded Man

Little Paradise

Road Accident

Paying Respect to God's Wonderful Creation

First Taste of Freedom

Amihan sa Dahican : Skimboarder

Balancing Act

Frame Up

Amihan sa Dahican : The Clubhouse

Playing With The Fishes

An Island for One House

Inflatable Toys for Sale

Sand on Board

Walls & Columns

An Afternoon with Fishermen